Perfect Guide To Con Dao Islands Of Vietnam

A Con Dao Island is a beautiful destination for an ideal holiday. This island mainly offers immense natural beauty which includes forested hills, extensive marine life which will offer you great diving and also deserted sandy beaches to relax after the busy schedules of life. It also offers unique range of wildlife which contains some of the rare species. This island is group of other 16 small islands or islets, from which Con Son is the largest island.

Con Dao Island Vietnam

Vietnamese Fishing Boats On Tropical Con Dao Island

Means Of Transport

As the island is not much big so to explore this destination walking is best way. To some of the distant destination you can reach there by motorbikes, mini bus, Xe Om, taxis and bicycles. These are some of the best transports in this destination which help to explore the beauty of this place.

Places To Visit

This island is mainly consisting of 16 small islands, so it offers a wide variety of places to visit. The beaches of this island are very much interesting and attract large number of travelers towards it. Some of the beaches offered in this island are Dam Trau Beach, An Hai Beach, Lo Voi Beach, Dat Doc Beach and Ong Dung Beach. These beaches offer white sand beaches and blue water and towards its coasts it offers amazing hotels and restaurants where travelers can dine and relax in this beautiful environment.

Things To Do

This place offers ample of opportunities to do many activities and make the trip full of fun and adventurous one. This was an ideal place for diving and snorkeling lovers. This island offers a wide range of colorful marine life under the water. You can get into the water safely and have some amazing view under the water.

Girl Diving At Con Dao Island Vietnam

Diving At Con Dao Island Vietnam

Con Dao Island offers an ideal destination for an amazing holiday with family and friends. For more information contact us at phuquocvietnam


Few Reasons Why One Should Visit Phu Quoc Island Once In His Lifetime

Phu Quoc Island, located on the west coast of Vietnam, is one of the hottest holiday destinations in South East Asia. Previously it was popular for the backpacker crowds, but now everyone starting from kids to elders are visiting this beautiful place. The incredible coastline and serene nature are what that has attracted many visitors towards it.

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Unlike Hanoi, Sa Pa and other places, this island also offers a load to do. It is a home to a wide range of beautiful beaches and this is the reason why you should add it to your travel lists now. Apart from this, there are various other reasons why you should visit this place.

Proper Place To Relax

There are people who say Vietnam is a culture shock. No doubt the country is beautiful and enchanting, but the life here is quite hard i.e. because of the scorching heat, chaotic roads, etc. But this island is really a good place to relax and enjoy life.

Beautiful Beaches

If you search beaches in Vietnam, you can find various impressive results and Phu Quoc is one among them. Most of the hotels are present on the biggest beach of the island. But as the island is small you can find other beaches too.

Can Be Reached Easily

Now with an international airport in this place, you can easily fly to Phu Quoc from Hanoi and other places. In a tighter budget also you can travel to this place.

Nice Place To Explore

This island comprises of more than eighty percent national park. In Vietnam, one can hire either a scooter or bicycle at a reasonable price. As Phu Quoc is a small island you can easily roam around.


This is an important activity in Phu Quoc. There are a large number of diving schools from where you can opt for.

Above given are few reasons why one should visit this place. After reading this article you might be interested in visiting this island. If you are one of those people who have a keen interest in visiting various places and is interested in visiting this island too then it is wise to collect information regarding this place. On the internet, you can find a wide range of websites dealing with this and Phu Quoc Island OFFICIAL WEBSITE is one of them. It offers a detail information like hotels, flights, tours, activities, nearby place,..etc.


Few Things To Know About Phu Quoc Island

Have you ever been to Vietnam? Well, Vietnam is a beautiful country, but there are few places that make the country more attractive. One of those places is the Phu Quoc Island. Every year a large number of people from various corners of the world visit this place. Would you like to visit? There are few things that one should know before visiting this place.


  • This island is located in the south of the Cambodia coast, west of Ha Tien and Kampot. This is a triangular shaped island which is 50 km long from north to south and from east to west it is 25 km.
  • This island is popular for some products’ and two of the traditional products include fish sauce and black pepper. Pepper cultivation is done inland in the center. And recently a farm called as the pearl farm has been established here.
  • Tourism plays a vital role in the economy of this island and beaches are the key attractions why people from various corners visit this place. This place is served by Phu Quoc airport and is linked with Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)’s Tan Son Nhat Airport and Rach Gia’s Rach Gia Airport by flight.
  • The climate possesses monsoonal sub-equatorial climate. Rainy season starts from June and ends in the month of November where the dry season is from December to May. April and May are the hottest months.

    phu quoc climate

This place offers a wide range of things to do. If you are looking for fun itinerary ideas, you can find a list of sightseeing attractions. It is crammed with various must see places. In fact, you can find various Phu Quoc Island resorts where you can stay and explore the surrounding areas by hiring guides. The guide can take you to various destinations at the perfect timing. Does not matter how long you stay, you can easily find different places of interest where you can enjoy to the fullest.

Does not matter whether you are planning a summer holiday trip or want to pamper yourself with a winter trip, here you can find a wide range of attractions that can keep you entertained. Would you like to get more information about this island? If yes, then search on the internet. You can find a number of sites offering information about this place and Phu Quoc Island OFFICIAL WEBSITE is a reputed one. It can provide you detailed information on this island, about its accommodation, flight tickets, etc at an affordable price.

Top 4 Leading Marketplace On Phu Quoc Island

There is no absence of business sector in Phu Quoc and going by one of them is dependably an extraordinary ordeal a window open specifically onto the day by day life of nearby individuals. Here is the main 4 and just 4 market found on the island.

  1. Duong Dong market

cho-hai-san-busan.jpgDuong Dong is the biggest town on the island and actually, it has the biggest (and most well known) market in Phu Quoc District.commodities-at-dong-ba-market-238.jpegAt the Duong Dong Market, you can discover an assortment of crisp organic products, vegetables, fish, and house products.

duong-dong-market-in-phu-quoc-713.jpegThis business sector is a picture taker’s fantasy, particularly at a young hour in the morning when the business sector wakes up. The best time to visit the Duong Dong Market is between 6:00 am to 9:00 am.

  1. A Thoi Market

viet50189.jpegSituated at the southern tip of the island, A Thoi is the second biggest town on Phu Quoc and the entryway to the A Thoi A Thoi Market is a well-known business sector for new create and fish, awesome for photograph open doors, and to give you knowledge into a former lifestyle. An early morning begin is justified, despite all the trouble with a specific end goal to see this southern business sector at its liveliest.21330_og_1It is here at the A Thoi Market that you will locate the weirdest ocean animals available to be purchased, most which ought not to be devoured by people as we would like to think.

  1. Ganh Dau Market

Seafood stall, night market. Phu Quoc Island, VietnamThe Ganh Dau Market is a little market situated in Ganh Dau Village in the North Western piece of Phu Quoc. This nearby market is the spot to go to purchase the least expensive fish on the island (starting 2015).fruit-market.jpgOn account of its remote area, the Ganh Dau Market hasn’t yet been frequented by outside sightseers. However, with the development of interpersonal organizations and online photograph sharing, it has turned out to be to a great degree well known for the new era of Vietnamese to rediscover the genuineness of remote spots.

  1. Ham Ninh Market

4Ham Ninh Village is a little seaside town situated on the eastern part of the island. It is well known for its long wharf and crab dishes. The business sector found here is additionally very extraordinary from the other 3 said above.ssss.jpgIt is the main spot on the island where you will discover live seahorses and other little animals available to be purchased.PQ-haisantuoi.jpgThe Ham Ninh Market is likewise an incredible spot to purchase crap with ease. Visit here in the morning to keep away from the group.

Plan A Vacation To Explore The Beauty Of An Untouched Island

A beautiful island was discovered in the year of 2014 in the land of Vietnam and named as Phu Quoc Island. The island offers the amazing beauty of nature which attracts a large number of travelers towards it. It was an ideal destination for the travelers who love to explore new places. As this island was recently discovered so most of the parts of this island were untouched by the human and it provides a great opportunity for the travelers coming to this destination. Travelers can explore those untouched destinations and make their trip the most adventurous one.


Amazing beach of Phu Quoc Island


Boating and fishing at Phu Quoc Island

About The Economy And Climate

This island is mainly famous for its two traditional products such as black pepper and fish sauce. Recently a pearl farm was established in these locations which produce some of the finest pearls.


pepper cultivation of Phu Quoc


Tourist visit to see pepper cultivation of Phu Quoc

Pepper cultivation is also done in this island. Tourism plays a vital role in the economy of this location. A large number of tourists come to this location every year.


Fish Sauce shop of Phu Quoc


Fish sauce production at Phu Quoc

The climate remains favorable throughout the year.  Some of the best times in which you can enjoy the most in this island are during the months of December to May. In these months the sky remains clear and offers dry season and an ideal time sit back and relax on the beautiful beaches of this location. During the month of June to November, the island receives an ample amount of rainfall. Rainfall enhances the beauty of the island as a result the island offers mesmerizing views of nature.

About The Places To Visit

The beautiful island offers amazing beaches and landscapes for the travelers to enjoy their holiday to the fullest in this location.


Sao Beach of Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc National Pack


Bai Thom beach of Phu Quoc

Some of the beaches and landscapes are Sao Beach, Phu Quoc national park, Bai Thom Beach and many more. The national park of this location covers almost half of the land of this island and provides shelter to a wide range of wildlife of this location.

Phu Quoc Island is a place where you can enjoy the most in your holidays.


Remove Out Your Stress In A Beautiful Location In This Vacation

Want to spend your vacation in between the wildlife than the province of Vietnam offers you a great island known as Cat Ba Island. It is one of the largest islands in the Bay and the major part of this island was covered with national parks. This island gives shelter to a large number of wild animals. From which some of the most endangered species of this location are also found here such as the civet cats, giant squirrels, Cat Ba Languor, golden-headed languors and many more.


Couple visit to Cat Ba Island 

Geographical Knowledge

Cat Ba island is one of the beautiful islands in the province of Vietnam. The archipelago comprised of more than 366 islands and from them, Cat Ba island was the largest among them. Large part of this land was covered with green forests which give shelter to a wide range of animals.


Amazing view of Cat Ba Island

Visiting Places

Travelers can have a great time over this island as this island offers a wide range of places to visit and enjoy.


Fun and Enjoyment in Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba national park a famous park of this island which covered the major part of this island and offers a lot to see.


Full of enjoyment with friends in Cat Ba Island

More than 282 species of wildlife are moving freely in this park as this park was their natural habitat. Travelers can go close to the wildlife and can have an adventurous trip.


Cat Ba island Monkey

Another beautiful destination of this location was a beautiful cave known as hospital cave. It was a perfect historical location to explore.


Hospital Cave of Cat Ba Island

About The Transport

In this island, moving is very easy for the travelers. There are several means of transport such as minibus, motorbike, cycles and boats.


Cat Ba Island mini Bus services 

Minibusses are the public transport so it will take more time to travel. So it’s better to hire a motorbike or cycles to move freely and have lots of fun.


Bicycle tour to Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba island will help you to remove your stress in its beautiful location and will offer you an amazing vacation.

Travel Guide To Phu Quoc Vietnam

Phu Quoc is recorded as the “hot-visitor spot” in Viet Nam in light of the fact that it is still new to numerous individuals and not totally found and misused like other vacationer zones in Viet Nam. This little flawless island is a perfect spot to escape from the hustling and swarm in the city. You now can lease a motorbike to move around without being irritated by the bustling activity.


Phu Quoc Island beach

Phu Quoc By Flight From Singapore

The flight course from Singapore to Phu Quoc and alternately have been propelled as of late.

Phu Quoc International Airport is all around set to draw in all the more new administrations, including possibly planned flights from outside bearers. It is served by a predetermined number of global sanction administrations.


Vietnam Airlines to Phu Quoc


 Destination                           Entry Time         Departure Time

Phu Quoc to Singapore-            10:55                     12:40

Singapore to Phu Quoc-            14:50                     16:35


There are a few transport administrations sitting tight for you once you get out the air terminal. On the off chance that you are not in any connection to the early reserved exchange from your lodging or travel offices, you can take a taxi to Duong Dong focus.


Phu Quoc Airport

It takes around 20 minutes and 230,000 VND (around 13 USD) to get to Duong Dong town from Phu Quoc Airport. SASCO and Mai Linh are the two greatest and dependable taxi firms in Phu Quoc. Their taxis are furnished with metered clock so individuals don’t have to stress over being cheated while passing by taxis. Aside from the taxi passage, you are accused of the airplane terminal toll, which costs 20,000 VND.

Rough Taxi Fares

  • Airport to Long Beach town: 120,000 VND
  • Airport to Duong Dont town: 160,000 VND
  • Airport to Sao Beach” 250,000 VND to 350,000 VND
  • Airport to Ong Lang Beach: 300,000 VND to 350,000 VND
  • Airport to Vung Bau shoreline: 400,000 VND to 500,000 VND
  • Another less expensive and adaptable alternative on the off chance that you go without anyone else is running with a motorbike taxi into town. These motorbike taxis are situated in the traveler drop off parking area zone.

Phu Quoc Taxi for hire

Rough motorbike taxi Fares

  • Airport to Duong Dong Town: 60,000 VND to 70,000 VND
  • Airport to Long Beach Village: 50,000 VND
  • Airport to Sao Beach: 100,000 VND
  • Airport to Ong Lang Beach: 100,000 VND to 120,000 VND

Phu Quoc Bikes for hire

Visa To Phu Quoc

Outsiders or Vietnamese holding remote international IDs who visit Phu Quoc will appreciate exception for the section, exit, and travel visas up to 30 days.


30 days visa to phu quoc

However, you are requested that have a Vietnam visa in the event that you plan to go to different parts of Viet Nam.

Get Into An Amazing Trip To A Beautiful Island Full Of Fun And Adventure

Vietnam offers a beautiful island for the travelers coming to this province to relax and have a wonderful vacation; it is known as Cat Ba Island. This island attracts a large number of travelers every year as major part of the region was covered with national parks.


Travelers mainly come here to have some adventurous experience in this destination. The national parks situated on this island give shelter to some of the most endangered species of this location.


About This Island

The island is located in the province of Vietnam. The archipelago of this province is mainly comprised of more than 366 islands and from the Cat Ba island is one of the largest islands among the others.


Half of the island is covered with green forests and vegetation; it becomes the natural habitat for a wide range of species of this location. The island also offers amazing beaches, an ideal place to sit and relax.


About The Wildlife

The island offers a large area covered with national park known as Cat Ba national park. This park is one of the most amazing destinations of this location offering fun and adventurous trips for the travelers.


The park offers more than 282 species of wildlife from which 20 are reptiles and amphibians 78 are birds and 32 are mammals moving freely in the lands of the national park.

Activities To Do

The island offers all sorts of fun and adventurous places where travelers can enjoy a lot. The beaches offered in this island are an ideal place for swimming, diving, snorkeling and kayaking.


It also offers amazing place to sit and relax and have some amazing sea foods in the restaurants present in the beaches.


The national parks in this island give an amazing opportunity to go for an adventurous game drives and get close to the nature and wildlife.

Cat Ba Island gives an opportunity to have an adventurous trip to a new destination.


Spend Your Holiday In A Heavenly Location On Earth

In the year of 2014, another island was found in the districts of Vietnam named as Phu Quoc Island. The island offers stunning magnificence of nature and audacious destination for the voyagers resulting in these present circumstances area. As this island was newfound the vast majority of the parts are untouched by the people, here voyagers can take the chance to have some daring outing in this area and find some new place.


Area Advertised

There are a few stunning destinations offered in this area, for example, astounding shorelines and lovely national parks. The shorelines of this area have their own particular uniqueness; the shorelines offer white sand which gives a stunning perspective with blue water.


A portion of the astounding shorelines offered in this area are Bai Dai Beach, Vung Bau Beach, Sao Beach, Ganh Dau Beach, Cua Can shoreline, Bai Vong Beach, BaiThom Beach and Truong Beach. This island additionally offers astonishing untamed life in a stunning national park known as Phu Quoc national park. It is one of the stunning parks offered in this area by covering very nearly half of the island.


Engine bicycle is one of the best wellsprings of correspondence to visit these national parks.


A few astonishing exercises for voyagers are offered in this area, for example, snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming.


Best Time To Visit

All round the year the area gets a positive atmosphere. A portion of the best time is offered in this area when it offers astounding magnificence of nature. Amid the month from December to May the atmosphere stays dry and the sky stays clear, it was a perfect to sit and unwind in the lovely shorelines of this area furthermore have an astounding perspective of the natural life.


Amid the month of June to November the area gets precipitation and thus the entire area looks delightful with all over the place green.

Phu Quoc Island will give you one of the stunning treks for your vacation in this delightful area.



Best Five Reason To Visit Phu Quoc Vietnam

Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc, open just by ship or plane, rests in the gentle waters of the Gulf of Thailand close to the Cambodian fringe. White-sand shorelines ring this island, which remains to a great extent undeveloped aside from a sprinkling of angling towns. In any case, increasingly voyagers are going to, and there are a few new inns under development along the street that lines Long Beach, the busiest stretch of sand on the island. Here are five motivations to look at Phu Quoc before other people finds this concealed diamond.


Accommodation by ship to Phu Quoc Vietnam

Reasonable Beachfront Accommodations

From thatched cottages to favor resorts, Phu Quoc has it all. Rural housing at the well known Beach Club, complete with a shoreline sidebar to appreciate mixed drinks or a basic feast, can keep running as meager as $25 every night; rooms at the upscale La Veranda resort, then again, will begin around $170 every night. Remember, nonetheless, that rooms top off rapidly amid the top travel months of December and January. Be set up to pay up to four times as much amid the high season, and make sure to book early.


Reasonable accommodation to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

New Seafood

In Phu Quoc, bouncing blue angling pontoons are ever present while you’re relaxing on the shoreline. Numerous resorts advance their own fish grills, yet the most amazing assortment is accessible at the night market in the primary town of Duong Dong. A completely overpowering choice of sparkling new scallops in their shells, massive analogousness, and each assortment of fish are accessible to be cooked on open flame broils. The costs are more costly than somewhere else so you won’t see numerous local people; however the climate and quality are magnificent.


Get variety of seafood at Phu Quoc market

Fish Sauce At Its Source

This fixing is essential to Vietnamese sustenance, and in addition, numerous other Southeast Asian cooking styles and Phu Quoc is said to deliver the best. Visit the Khai Hoan fish sauce industrial facility, only a short stroll from Duong Dong’s inside, to perceive how it’s made. Those sufficiently bold to confront the rank odor of anchovies can climb the stepping stool inclining toward the 10-foot-tall rattan barrels. Subsequent to gazing down into the barrel of golden hued fluid, example it in the store. The substantial, full-bodied fish sauce tastes shockingly wonderful. In any case, don’t attempt to take any home most aircraft’s boycott fish sauce on the grounds that the scent is so impact.


Variety of fresh fish available in Phu Quoc market

Quiet Beaches

Past Long Beach, the majority of the tear-formed island’s coastline is undeveloped. Phu Quoc streets aren’t occupied, so it’s anything but difficult to lease a motorbike, snatch a towel, and scan for a touch of vacant sand simply utilize alert on a portion of the rockier, unpaved streets. The best place to search for your own bit of sun-soaked heaven is along the island’s northern coast.


Long beaches to walk and feel relax

Family-Friendly Fun

Numerous shoreline destinations in Southeast Asia incite pictures of raucous nightlife; however Phu Quoc has a casual, even lethargic, party environment for the present. Yes, there are a modest bunch of bars along the primary street close Long Beach, yet a large portion of the island’s guests are generally ahead of schedule to bed.


Best destination for family our

They appear to consume the vast majority of their vitality swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and taking angling trips.