Have Your Vacation In A Small Paradise On Earth

Phu Quoc Island a beautiful destination offered in the lands of Vietnam. This island offers some of the beautiful location with some of the untouched natural beauty.


Water Spot in Phu Quoc Island

This island is almost hidden from most of the travelers as it was discovered recently in 2014 but the travelers reached here compared this place to a small paradise on land. It was an ideal for the travelers who need a vacation for relaxing and fun.

Phuquoc Island-3

Touch Crocodile inside Phu Quoc Island

Climatic Conditions

The island remains beautiful and gets a good climate all round the year but there are some of the popular time in which nature offers mesmerizing beauty.


Underwater view by two friends at Phuquoc Island

The island receives sub-equatorial climate, during the months from December to May the island remains dry and offers the best time to get there and relax.


Underwater activity at Phu Quoc Island

During the months of June to November the island gets rainfall and the island stunningly beautiful.

Phu_Quoc Islands 2

Fishing in Phu Quoc Island

Must Visit Places

There are several destinations offered in this island to visit. The beautiful destination offers beautiful national parks, amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches, scenic views, amazing foods and much more.


Mountain climbing at Phu Quoc Island

The most attractive destination of this island was the Phu Quoc national park which covers almost 50% of the island and offers some of the rare species of wildlife.

vungbau beaches

Vung Bau Beach of Phu Quoc

To view the national park closely motorbike is the best option to travel. The island offers some of the amazing beaches such as Vung Bau Beach, Bai Vong Beach, Truong Beach, Sao Beach, Ganh Dau Beach, Bai Dai Beach, Bai Thom Beach and Cua Can beach.

bike tour phuquoc

Tour by bike to Phu Quoc Island

Every beach located in this location has its own beauty and uniqueness within them. Travelers mainly select these beaches as the point relaxing and have some fun over there.

phuquoc marketing

Phu Quoc Island market

Phu Quoc Island a small paradise on the land offers an amazing vacation which you will never forget.


11 thoughts on “Have Your Vacation In A Small Paradise On Earth

  1. Wow!!! Simply superb and amazing. After looking the photograph, I am so excited to visit Phu quoc Island for do some adventures activity. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post with all the lovely photographs.

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  2. Lovely post. I just loved it. The reason is clear that why anyone will visit phu quoc . The photos are really amazing. It definitely inspires me to add such destination in my travel bucket list. Thanks for the inspiration.

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