A Great Destination To Sit And Relax

For an ideal holiday, a beautiful destination is waiting for you have known as Con Dao Island. It was a beautiful destination, especially an ideal destination for the travelers who are nature lovers. This island offers a wide range of area as beautiful forested hills, the main attractive point of this island was the unique white sand beaches and beautiful marine life.

Con Dao island_1416368429.jpg

A lady enjoy the morning view of Con Dao Island

This island gives an opportunity to the travelers to dive in and view the immense beauty under water.This beautiful island consists of another 16 small islands.


A man feel relax inside cold water of Can Dao Island

This island also offers a wide range of wildlife and from which some of them are the rare species of this location.


Yoga camp at Can Dao Island

The Island

The archipelago of this island contains more 16 small islands or islets. Every year a large number of travelers gets attracted to this beautiful island. It offers a unique beauty of nature and mesmerizing views of the landscapes.


Boating is a thrilling activity in Can Dao Island

Travelers come to this destination mainly to sit and relax from their daily tensions. There are several means of transport offered in this location for the travelers to visit this beautiful place. Some of them are taxis, minibus, motorbike, bicycles and the most special one was Xe Om.


A man is seeing underwater activity of living species

Places Of Attraction

This beautiful island also offers another beautiful 16 small islets which are also as beautiful. Travelers coming to this beautiful destination have ample of opportunities and a wide range of destination to travel and enjoy. The beaches of this destination are very unique and beautiful offering beautiful white sand beaches and blue water.


A man not only Touch but also feel the body of fish

Some of the beautiful beaches offered in this island are Ong Dung Beach, Lo Voi Beach, Dam Trau Beach, Dat Doc Beach and An Hai Beach.


Jumping and swimming is the exciting activity in Can Dao Island

These beaches offer a wide range of opportunities to enjoy water sports such as diving, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling etc. amazing hotels and restaurants are also offered in the beaches to enjoy delicious sea foods of this destination.


A Women is walking in the morning at Can Dao Island

Con Dao Island offers a beautiful destination to sit and relax from your daily tensions in this vacation.


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