The Ultimate Guide To The Con Dao Islands Of Vietnam

Con Dao is the tourist destination attracting tourists each domestic and international. It is located in the province of Ba Ria -Vung tau. Con Dao is known for its nice white sandy crystal beaches. It enchants tourists when arriving here. Traveling to Con Dao Vietnam to explore celebrated and exquisite scenery here is one among the most fascinating moment in your trip. Yet, before you reach Con Dao Island, you should equip yourself with the following basic knowledge.


Initially, you should find information regarding transport in Con Dao Island. Currently, there is just one flight of Vietnam Airlines to Con Dao on a daily basis. Normally, you’ve got to transit your trip through Ho Chi Minh City. On every Wednesday and Friday, there is a right away Hanoi- Con Dao route. It is quite convenient for those who are traveling in the capital of Vietnam. Although it depends on the number of tourists and you might need to transit, the transit time is very quick. You still need to carry hand luggage off the plane, and then get into the lounge area to get on the right plane to continue your trip.


From Co Ong airfield, it’s regarding twelve kilometers far away from Con Dao city center. You’ll be able to take a taxi. They’re forever obtainable at the airfield. However, hotels in Con Dao usually have shuttle service at the airfield. You would like to rise rigorously once booking. If you’ve got not create reservations before, you’ll be able to book at the representatives at the airfield. Visiting Con Dao, you ought to move motorcycles. Whereas riding your motorbikes, you furthermore may relish cool gentle wind and delightful landscapes of Con Dao beach. The foremost attention-grabbing factor is that you just ought not to lock your vehicles once visiting around. Not withstanding you allow it overnights, your motorcycle still there. On the island there’s just one filling station, thus you ought to listen to the amount of gasoline.


Secondly, you’ll be able to notice renowned hotels and restaurants in Con Dao before obtaining there so as to create your vacation a lot of convenient. If you wish to remain at hotels having ground read, you ought to opt for Con Dao Resort on Nguyen Duc Thuan Street. This resort is within the central space. It’s convenient to travel around and luxuriate in contemporary meals. Besides, you’ll be able to opt for one among these hotels like Saigon Con Dao Resort, ATC Resort on Ton Duc Thang Street. These resorts even have beautiful ocean read, clean and smart service. Contemporary food on the island is extremely tasty. You ought to eat lobster and shrimp and lobster. Specifically, the value of the restaurants here is fairly almost like one another. The food is de facto contemporary, smart sauté, fast and skilled service.


Thirdly, visiting historical relics in Con Dao Tours mustn’t be missing once coming back here. Vo Thi Sau Grave Martyr in droop Duong graveyard ought to be visited 1st. you will be able to catch nearby at 12 am as a result of its thronged all the time. Ms. Sau is considered holy protective, neutralizing disappointment and pain. Folks return here to worship and need happiness and luck. You furthermore ought to visit the Memorial of 1912 martyrs placed in droop Duong graveyard. Additionally, you ought to come by Ms. alphabetic character Yen Temple. It’s conjointly called associate Son Temple. Temple and topographic point of Cai patrician close to Co Ong airfield ought to be visited in your tours. What is more, One Mountain Temple could be a should-not-miss destination in your trip. It’s the temple has the most effective position in Vietnam. The airy, peaceful design of the temple appeals many tourists. Last however not least, it’s Con Dao Prison- a historical monument.


Lastly, in your Tour Con Dao, apart from traveling Dam Trau Beach on the main island with a white sandy beach, and beautiful landscapes, you should rent a canoe to go to Hon Bay Canh Island. It’s the second largest island in Con Dao Vietnam. There are fantastic beaches and mangroves. You furthermore might dive to ponder the sweetness of coral. However, there are few feeding services here, thus you wish to arrange your food before traveling to the present island.

2013-01-18 17.20.44.jpg

To sum up, although you travel different place beside Con Dao Vietnam, you wish to arrange well before your trip to from your holidays a lot of fantastic and vital. Hopefully, the on tops of tips are helpful to you and your vacation in Vietnam.


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