Get Into An Amazing Trip To A Beautiful Island Full Of Fun And Adventure

Vietnam offers a beautiful island for the travelers coming to this province to relax and have a wonderful vacation; it is known as Cat Ba Island. This island attracts a large number of travelers every year as major part of the region was covered with national parks.


Travelers mainly come here to have some adventurous experience in this destination. The national parks situated on this island give shelter to some of the most endangered species of this location.


About This Island

The island is located in the province of Vietnam. The archipelago of this province is mainly comprised of more than 366 islands and from the Cat Ba island is one of the largest islands among the others.


Half of the island is covered with green forests and vegetation; it becomes the natural habitat for a wide range of species of this location. The island also offers amazing beaches, an ideal place to sit and relax.


About The Wildlife

The island offers a large area covered with national park known as Cat Ba national park. This park is one of the most amazing destinations of this location offering fun and adventurous trips for the travelers.


The park offers more than 282 species of wildlife from which 20 are reptiles and amphibians 78 are birds and 32 are mammals moving freely in the lands of the national park.

Activities To Do

The island offers all sorts of fun and adventurous places where travelers can enjoy a lot. The beaches offered in this island are an ideal place for swimming, diving, snorkeling and kayaking.


It also offers amazing place to sit and relax and have some amazing sea foods in the restaurants present in the beaches.


The national parks in this island give an amazing opportunity to go for an adventurous game drives and get close to the nature and wildlife.

Cat Ba Island gives an opportunity to have an adventurous trip to a new destination.



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