Remove Out Your Stress In A Beautiful Location In This Vacation

Want to spend your vacation in between the wildlife than the province of Vietnam offers you a great island known as Cat Ba Island. It is one of the largest islands in the Bay and the major part of this island was covered with national parks. This island gives shelter to a large number of wild animals. From which some of the most endangered species of this location are also found here such as the civet cats, giant squirrels, Cat Ba Languor, golden-headed languors and many more.


Couple visit to Cat Ba Island 

Geographical Knowledge

Cat Ba island is one of the beautiful islands in the province of Vietnam. The archipelago comprised of more than 366 islands and from them, Cat Ba island was the largest among them. Large part of this land was covered with green forests which give shelter to a wide range of animals.


Amazing view of Cat Ba Island

Visiting Places

Travelers can have a great time over this island as this island offers a wide range of places to visit and enjoy.


Fun and Enjoyment in Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba national park a famous park of this island which covered the major part of this island and offers a lot to see.


Full of enjoyment with friends in Cat Ba Island

More than 282 species of wildlife are moving freely in this park as this park was their natural habitat. Travelers can go close to the wildlife and can have an adventurous trip.


Cat Ba island Monkey

Another beautiful destination of this location was a beautiful cave known as hospital cave. It was a perfect historical location to explore.


Hospital Cave of Cat Ba Island

About The Transport

In this island, moving is very easy for the travelers. There are several means of transport such as minibus, motorbike, cycles and boats.


Cat Ba Island mini Bus services 

Minibusses are the public transport so it will take more time to travel. So it’s better to hire a motorbike or cycles to move freely and have lots of fun.


Bicycle tour to Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba island will help you to remove your stress in its beautiful location and will offer you an amazing vacation.


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