Perfect Guide To Con Dao Islands Of Vietnam

A Con Dao Island is a beautiful destination for an ideal holiday. This island mainly offers immense natural beauty which includes forested hills, extensive marine life which will offer you great diving and also deserted sandy beaches to relax after the busy schedules of life. It also offers unique range of wildlife which contains some of the rare species. This island is group of other 16 small islands or islets, from which Con Son is the largest island.

Con Dao Island Vietnam

Vietnamese Fishing Boats On Tropical Con Dao Island

Means Of Transport

As the island is not much big so to explore this destination walking is best way. To some of the distant destination you can reach there by motorbikes, mini bus, Xe Om, taxis and bicycles. These are some of the best transports in this destination which help to explore the beauty of this place.

Places To Visit

This island is mainly consisting of 16 small islands, so it offers a wide variety of places to visit. The beaches of this island are very much interesting and attract large number of travelers towards it. Some of the beaches offered in this island are Dam Trau Beach, An Hai Beach, Lo Voi Beach, Dat Doc Beach and Ong Dung Beach. These beaches offer white sand beaches and blue water and towards its coasts it offers amazing hotels and restaurants where travelers can dine and relax in this beautiful environment.

Things To Do

This place offers ample of opportunities to do many activities and make the trip full of fun and adventurous one. This was an ideal place for diving and snorkeling lovers. This island offers a wide range of colorful marine life under the water. You can get into the water safely and have some amazing view under the water.

Girl Diving At Con Dao Island Vietnam

Diving At Con Dao Island Vietnam

Con Dao Island offers an ideal destination for an amazing holiday with family and friends. For more information contact us at phuquocvietnam


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